Social movements

We take you to your destinations like long distance trips, airports, train and bus stations, games, family events, church/social functions, schools, shopping, day care and many others.

Get moving to your social events

Our handicap accessory van can transport you anywhere you need to go in New England. We believe that your mobility is a core part of your freedom. No matter where you are heading, let us be the transportation company that gets you there.

You can rely on our expertly trained staff to help you achieve all of your transportation goals. No matter where you are headed.

Our company uses fully accessible vans. Our company made the investment in a fleet of unmarked, fully accessible vans. Each of these vans features no exterior markings so you can arrive at your destination discreetly while traveling in style.

A Handicap accessory van designed for you

Our handicap accessory van is designed for everyone.

No matter what your age or your condition, you will find our wheelchair accessible vans to be the perfect fit for your needs.

Our vans have been designed to accommodate a wide range of wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Our vans are also fully equipped with the latest in both safety technology as well as first aid equipment.

Our company was founded by New England nurses who realized that there was a need for a transportation service that was specifically designed to help people who rely on wheelchairs.

When you need to travel, we are here to help.