Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation


“We give you a hand”

We are privileged and ready to serve those in need from residentials, nursing homes and assisted living homes to ease their mobility without conditions or limitations.

Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation

All Kinds

  • Patients coming out of surgery.
  • Patients who are immobile.
  • Patients who cannot tolerate a wheelchair.

All the above can ride in safety and comfort.  Our crew will transport you from bed to bed.  That means from your location, our team will transfer you to our professional stretcher, into the stretcher van, and then to the bed at any location.

Our Team

Our crew are professionally trained to do this safely and efficiently, so your family does not need to stress about your safety. All stretchers come with a minimum of 2 crew members for safety.

Our drivers are all drug, alcohol and smoke-free, as well as trained in patient sensitivity, safety and security processes and procedures, HIPAA, situation-response, and defensive driving.

Our Equipment

We use Stryker and Ferno brand stretchers, and other medical transportation products. We honor the clinical values of human dignity, individual Empowerment and equitable access to care from anywhere to anywhere, we will get you there.

Palms Pride Inc is the way to go.

Social movements

We take you to your destinations like long distance trips, airports, train and bus stations, games, family events, church/social functions, schools, shopping, day care and many others.
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Wheelchair Van Carry

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Non-emergency Transportation

We offer the transport chair services you’ve been wanting. We are able to help a wide variety of individuals restore their own personal mobility.
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This is more than just helping people find solutions to their transportation needs, this is helping people to live their lives on their terms.
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Wheelchair Transport Companies

When you can have the freedom to choose where you go, you can rediscover your life and head out on your own.
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Wheelchair Transportation

We are the Best Wheelchair Transportation in Massachusetts when it comes to wheelchair transportation services. we are leading the way.

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