About Us

PALMS PRIDE INC. is ready and privileged to provide Non-Emergency Medical and wheelchair accessible Transportation Services from anywhere to anywhere in New England.

We are not a Limo service or a Taxi service but a Relationship Service because we serve our clients beyond curb to curb.

With that in mind, a team of medical experts identified the need and registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2015 to start Palms Pride as a way of giving a comfortable service to those who need it, to ease their mobility without conditions or limitations. We offer service to all people in wheelchairs regardless of age or condition.

We have invested in a fleet of Executive unmarked wheelchair vans, and are proud of our team of professional and friendly drivers.

Our goal is to provide safe transport to and from your destination. Our vehicles are equipped with vehicle safety support equipment including passenger seat belts, step stools, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, hazardous waste spill kits, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and safety alert triangle reflectors.

Our drivers are experienced professionals, ready to lend a helping hand. They have undergone criminal background checks; annually they receive First Aid and CPR training and are randomly drug-tested to ensure that our clients are safe and secure during transport to and from their destinations.

We are fully insured.


Since January 2016, Palms Pride. has picked me up at 5:45 am, taken me to my appointment, and returned at 10:30 am to take me home, three(3) times a week. This has been done promptly and flawlessly, and I have been treated with competence and care.

Judy Lawriee - Westwood, MA

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did getting my husband to his daughters wedding. I appreciated your kindness and attentiveness throughout the day. Thank you so much in assisting in making this special day so wonderful for my husband, my step-daughter, and myself.

Patty Osborne -

The gentleman who runs the business and is one of the five drivers is Paul. He was extremely polite, kind and very helpful and attentive to my Mom and to Joel and to our family members.

Francise Stone -

Our Mission

To enrich lives to achieve the above, through providing a unique, exceptional and professional NEMT Services

Our Vision

  • Privacy
  • Autonomy
  • Liberty
  • Mobility
  • Safety
  • Prestige
  • Respect
  • Intergrity
  • Dignity
  • Empowerment